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  • How long can I expect patio furniture to last?

    The life expectancy of patio furniture varies according to the nature of the item in question. Nevertheless, outdoor furniture is incredibly hardy and with the right care and cleaning, patio furniture can last many years.

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  • Can I leave outdoor cushions outside in the rain?

    Yes. Outdoor cushions not only repel most of the water, but they allow water to filter through as opposed to being absorbed.

  • How long can outdoor cushions last for?

    With a little maintenance and cleaning, a good set of outdoor cushions can last for around seven years.

  • Which type of wicker is the most durable?

    The most durable types of wicker are vinyl and resin. Unlike natural reed wicker, furniture made from these materials does not need to be sheltered from the elements.

  • Does patio furniture rust?

    Patio furniture made from aluminium will not rust. However, furniture made from untreated iron or steel may rust over time.

  • Does metal patio furniture get very hot in the summer?

    Aluminium furniture can become very hot in the summer. However, aluminium cools down quickly when you put it into the shade. Iron and steel furniture also retain heat and have a much longer cooling down period.

  • What is rattan patio furniture?

    Although some people use the terms rattan and wicker interchangeably, rattan furniture is made from rattan canes and vines whereas wicker is the name of a particular weaving process which uses straw and bamboo.

  • Which patio furniture material is the most hardwearing?

    Aluminium is the hardiest type of material used to make patio furniture as it will not rust or fade over time. In addition, aluminium does not require much maintenance and cools down quickly after being exposed to the sun.

  • What kind of maintenance does patio furniture require?

    Patio furniture is quite low maintenance and furniture only usually requires a clean with a hose once in a while.

  • What is a bed in a bag?

    A bed in a bag is coordinated bedding set sold in a single package and usually comprises of a sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.