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  • What are some good anniversary gifts for couples?

    Great ideas for anniversary gifts include photo frames and gift baskets.

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  • What flowers are best for birthdays?

    As birthdays are a time of celebration, opt for a bouquet that is colourful and diverse. Alternatively, if you are stuck for ideas why not choose a bouquet that contains flowers specific to the recipient’s birth month?

  • How many calories are in one egg?

    Depending on the size of the egg, there are between 55 and 80 calories.

  • Does tea have more caffeine than coffee?

    By dry weight, yes. However, a cup of tea has up to 70mg of caffeine where as a cup of coffee will have up to 135g of caffeine.

  • What type of chocolate is the healthiest?

    Dark chocolate is the healthiest type of chocolate.

  • What is a gift basket?

    This is a basket filled with luxury food or drink which is delivered to the home of the recipient.

  • What is a humidor?

    As its name suggests, a humidor is a special airtight container that helps keep tobacco and cigars moist.

  • Which type of wine is the healthiest, red or white?

    While both types of wine have their health benefits, red wine is the healthiest option out of the two.

  • How many calories should you consume a day?

    Typically, women need 2,000kcal a day and men need 2,500kcal.