UPVC Doors

UPVC doors are the most popular choice for those looking to purchase a new door for their home as these doors are aesthetically pleasing and boast a range of benefits.

The Benefits of uPVC doors

UPVC doors have a number of benefits that make them appealing to those looking to upgrade their current doors.

  • Unlike wood doors, uPVC doors offer superior security. They often have cores of galvanised steel which makes them difficult to break down and even harder to force open with a crowbar.

  • UPVC doors can also reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your home, such as pedestrian chatter and traffic. This makes them a must-have for those who live on busy roads.

  • UPVC doors also boast superior energy efficiency due to their heat-retaining characteristics. Their secure fit not only prevents chilly draughts in the winter, but can also help you to lower your energy bill and carbon footprint.

  • Unlike wood doors that need painting and varnishing, uPVC doors are incredibly easy to maintain as they do not rust, flake or rot. All you need to do is clean them once in a while.

  • These types of door also come in a range of styles and colours which means that you can find the perfect door for your house!

Types of uPVC door

While you can purchase and install interior uPVC doors, which are beneficial for homes with draught or damp problems, most uPVC doors are designed for outside use. Popular types of uPVC door include:

  • UPVC front doors: this type of door is incredibly popular with homeowners due to the high levels of security that they promote and the large range of designs available. In addition, unlike more traditional wood doors, uPVC front doors are brilliant at facing the elements as they do not warp when exposed to lots of rain.
  • UPVC patio doors:this type of door is great for letting more light into the back of your house. UPVC patio doors are available in a variety colours and styles. You can often choose from traditional sliding patio doors or folding doors.

    However, as there is a lot of glass involved in these units, prices do tend to be quite high.

  • UPVC French doors: these doors are a great way to let more light into your home and improve the appearance of your house. You can purchase uPVC French doors in a range of styles and colours. If you are looking to get a door for a small rear room, a French door may be more appropriate than a standard patio door.

Where to buy

There are a number of companies online that specialise in uPVC doors. If you are able to install the door yourself or already know a reliable, local fitter, this may be the best option for you as it could save you some money. However, most of us do not have the skills and time necessary to fit doors ourselves, so it therefore best to purchase new uPVC doors from a company that has a fitting service. To find the best company for you, browse the internet and local directories to see what services and products are available.

Useful tips

Shop around for the best deal. Get at least three quotations and remember to take full advantage of any price comparison services available to make sure that you get the best deal for your new doors.

As well comparing prices, you should also compare the quality of the product and services offered by the supplier. Do they offer product installation? Do they offer a warranty? If so, how long is the warranty valid for?

Always remember to dedicate some time to researching your potential uPVC door supplier. Reviews can give you an indication of how well the products perform and the standard of customer service that they offer. However, do remember to take reviews with a pinch of salt as they are by no means representative of total customer experience.

Top Competitors

  • Safestyle offer a large range of exterior uPVC doors, including French doors and folding patio doors. They also have an installation service that can fit the doors for you.
  • Anglian is popular choice for uPVC doors as they have a large catalogue and offer a fitting service.
  • Everest is another popular company for uPVC doors. They supply a range of doors and have an installation and design consultancy service to help you out.