TV Packages

In today’s digital world, TV, telephones, and internet are essential needs rather than a luxury or an optional inclusion. More often than not, a subscriber would be in need of all the three services, and may even use the same service from different mediums interchangeably. For instance, a voice call may be made from a landline or broadband, and a television show may be watched using broadband or through a television channel.

The Benefit of Bundles

Broadband, television, and telephone are so much integrated in today’s highly connected world, that it makes sense to purchase these services together. Bundling lends clarity and a single transparent package, without getting confused between competing offers, duplications, and having to deal with multiple renewal periods. A bundled offer also delivers a far more coherent, integrated and seamless experience. For instance, with a bundled offer, there is need to remember only one customer care number.

Opting for a bundle also saves costs. Digital services are not cheap. Subscribing to television, telephone and broadband connections individually can run up a hefty figure. More often than not, opting for a bundle that combined digital television subscription with landline telephone rental and broadband plans costs less and gives an overall better deal.

The Top Providers

  • Sky TV Sky TV is the largest network in the UK, and offer flexible plans. All Sky bundles that involve land line and broadband requires a line rental at £16.40 per month, and available plans may be added on to it. Sky allows subscribing to TV plans on its own, without the need to avail broadband or landline. Overall, rates charges by Sky are very competitive, and lower than most other providers.
  • Virgin Media matches Sky in prices and flexibility, but falters in coverage. The Big Easy deal budget bundle, which costs £26.99 for nine months, and then £38.99 is very popular. While Sky is available almost nationwide, Virgin’s coverage is just about 50 percent.
  • Talk TalkTalkTalk, another national provider of telephone and broadband offers the cheapest plans among the lot. A current bundle offers unlimited broadband, YouView box, and evening/weekend calls for £26.75 a month. Sky and TalkTalk both use the same network to deliver broadband to consumers, meaning that quality will be the same. TalkTalk’s coverage extend to 90 percent of the areas.
  • BT bases its bundles on home phones, which constitute the core of its business. The line rental at £16.99 per month or £183.48 per year is the basic cost for any subscriptions. The bundles are added on, on a pyramid basis. Broadband plans may be added on to the home phone, and BT TV plans may be added on to the broadband. Like Sky, BT is available just about everywhere.

Factors to take into account

  • Regardless of the attractiveness of any bundle, consider which provider is strong in your area. For instance, a very attractive bundle from Talk talk makes no sense if Talk talk is not available in your area, or the strength is very weak.
  • Consider your main motivation in availing the subscription. Each provider offers several bundle, and to make use of the subscription optimally, choose the bundle that best fits your need.
  • Bundles are generally a cost effective option, but now always the wise choice. For instance, if you need only broadband and do not need the landline or television at all, you are better off with a standalone broadband subscription.
  • Plans offered by providers change frequently. Double-check not just the prices, but also the contents of the bundles change with time. Subscribers are advised to confirm the latest offering from the provider’s official channels, before committing to any bundle.
  • Take advantage of any special promotional offers that may be running from time to time. However, do not be swayed by the initial offer alone. Consider the annual renewal costs, any other charges, reliability of the network, speed, and quality of customer service, before deciding to purchase a bundle.