Self Storage

Self-storage often supplies a solution for a number of storage problems such as freeing up space in a cluttered home or office to providing a temporary home for goods while relocating.

Why use self-storage?

Self-storage is becoming a popular storage solution for both businesses and individuals in the UK. Currently, over a quarter of a million people are already taking advantage of the facilities that self-storage companies offer.

Self-storage offers an affordable, secure storage solution for businesses and homes that are restricted for space. Unsurprisingly, most of the self-storage companies in the UK are located in the capital and South-East, where property prices tend to be more expensive.

Individuals may use self-storage units for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons to purchase additional storage are:

  • To store bulky sports equipment.

  • To keep possessions safe while renovating the house.

  • To temporarily store bulky furniture and clutter while selling. This makes the house look more spacious and as a result more appealing to potential buyers.

Self-storage is becoming an increasingly important storage solution for businesses, especially those located in London where office space is most expensive. Businesses use self-storage for a number of reasons, some of the most frequent motivations include:

  • Storing seasonal or surplus stock until it is needed.

  • Keeping bulky, but important exhibition equipment safe and out of the way.

  • Stowing away archives to free up space in the office for new documents and files.

As well as freeing up space in the home and office, self-storage companies have been popularized by the additional services they provide, these include:

  • Rental by the month or even week provides ultimate flexibility. In addition, these contracts can often be terminated at short notice.
  • Some companies provide 24/7 access to storage units, while others boast generous operation hours.
  • Nearly all companies offer a high level of security. CCTV, individual keys or fobs and guards mean that your property is just as safe, or even safer, than it was at your home or office.
  • All companies offer a range if unit sizes which means you are only paying for the space you need! In addition, a number of companies allow you to quickly and cheaply upgrade or downgrade your unit size if your circumstances should change.

Types of self-storage

As well as personal storage for household items, like furniture, there are a number of more specialist self-storage facilities available. These include:

    Wine storage: this specialist type of storage space offers special climate-controlled facilities to temporarily store wine before a big event like a wedding. Or it may be a long-term solution for wine enthusiasts who want their own cellar or wish to store inherited fine wine.

    Office space: some self-storage companies allow you to use storage space as a cheap, flexible office to get work done.

    Document storage: some companies provide spaces that are specifically designed for off-site document storage with racks and boxes to organise your business archives.

    Student storage: this provides cheap, temporary storage for students’ property over the summer. This is very popular with international students or students who live elsewhere during the summer holiday.

Useful Tips

  • While self-storage units can be used to store a wide range of items. There are a number of items that are prohibited. While specific items may vary from company to company, among others, prohibited items typically include:

  • Illegal goods

  • Radioactive materials

  • Firearms

  • Explosives

  • Cash

  • Toxic goods

  • Live plants and animals

  • Make sure read through all the terms and conditions. Find out how much notice you need to give if you want to take your property out of storage.
  • As there are range of storage unit sizes available, work out how much you think you will need to avoid unnecessarily paying for extra space or damaging you valuables by squeezing them into an inadequate space. There are a number of helpful online tools that can help you do this.
  • Visit the unit and makes sure that it meets your needs, you don’t want to move your furniture into a damp and dirty unit!
  • Do your research. Make use of online comparison websites and have a look at the websites for the major self-storage suppliers, see if their location, security, accessibility and price meet your personal requirements.

Top Providers

Big Yellow

This company is currently the UK self-storage leader and have 76 stores nationwide. They offer a range of storage solutions including: personal storage units, business storage units and even specialist wine storing units.

Safe Store

This company is another popular choice for self-storage as it is the largest company in the UK with over 100 stores. They offer a range of solutions including bulk and warehouse storage which offers at least 1000 sq ft of space.

Storage King

Storage king is a popular choice for many people looking to free up room in their homes or offices. They offer secure storage units in a range of sizes and have a number of locations throughout the country.

Comparison Chart

It is difficult to compare the prices offered by different storage companies as the price varies considerably according to geographical location and the amount of space that is required. The below comparison chart explores the facilities offered by a number of the UK top competitors.

Personal Storage Business Storage Smallest Unit Largest Unit
Lok’nStore yes yes 25 sq ft 200 sq ft
Safe Store yes yes 10 sq ft 500 sq ft
Big Yellow yes yes 10 sq ft 5000 sq ft
Storage King yes yes 10 sq ft 200 sq ft