Boiler Repair

A broken boiler can not only be inconvenient, but it can also be incredibly dangerous as the faulty boiler may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it is important that you know who to turn to should your boiler malfunction.

Repair or contract?

When it comes to boilers, one of the most important decisions we are faced with is whether we take out boiler cover or not. Boiler cover usually includes an annual service and they all give you access to engineers if your boiler breaks down. However, if you are looking for cheap boiler cover, many of the top suppliers offer policies without annual service that are significantly cheaper.

On average boiler cover can start as low as less than £10 a month and as it is not mandatory, many people trying to save money don’t bother taking it out. Indeed, only about a third of homeowners had taken out a boiler cover policy in 2013. However, on average, boiler repair bills were around £315 and 1 in 5 households experience boiler breakdowns a year. The cost of one-off repairs coupled with the frequency of boiler breakdowns suggests that if you are unlikely to be able to afford this bill in one go, perhaps, you should consider taking out boiler cover.

Comparison Chart

However, when choosing boiler cover, it is important that you shop around to find the best deal. The chart below looks at what the top providers offer their customers:

Provider Monthly Cost Does the policy include an annual service? Does the policy include parts and labour? Number of call outs per year
HomeServe £3.75 yes yes Unlimited
British Gas £4 no yes Unlimited
AA £9.49 yes yes 4
npower £15.50 yes yes Unlimited
The Green Insurance £8.33 no yes Unlimited

Top competitors:

British Gas offers a range of cover policies that cover both the boiler and a range of household utilities. If you want cheaper boiler cover, they have a number of cheap policies that do not include an annual boiler service.

HomeServe are a popular supplier of boiler cover and their policies start as low as £3.75. In addition, HomeServe offers new customers a free boiler service in their first year of cover.

Npower offers a range of boiler cover options, many of which include an annual boiler service worth £99.

Tips for choosing boiler repair services

  • If your boiler breaks down and you do not have a boiler cover policy, you are likely to need a plumber to fix the problem. In order to make sure that you are getting your boiler fixed for the cheapest price, be sure to compare quotes from a number of plumbers. If possible, read up on your potential plumber on the internet: what do their customer’s say about them? Do they offer a guarantee?
  • If your boiler breaks down and you do not know of any reputable local plumbers, there are a number of large companies like British Gas that offer one-off repairs.
  • When choosing a boiler cover policy, it is important that you read the fine print as there are a number of policies that don’t cover boilers of a certain age.
  • In addition, when comparing boiler cover policies, you must not only compare the monthly fee, but also look at how much the excess fee is and if there is a limit on how many call-outs you can make a year.
  • Before taking out a boiler cover policy, be sure to re-read your house insurance policy as some types of house insurance policies cover boiler repair.