Personal Injury Claims

The term ‘personal injury’ can be used to describe a wide range of injuries. The injury can be either physical or psychological. If an injury is sustained and another party is to blame, the injured party may be have a valid compensation claim.

Types of personal injury claims

One of the most common types of personal injury claim is a whiplash claim. This injury is usually caused by road accidents, when the neck is jolted suddenly. Personal injury claims can also be brought for other injuries sustained in road accidents.

A personal injury claim can be made for an injury sustained at work. The employer has a responsibility to ensure health and safety in the workplace by carrying out risk assessments and providing the necessary training. In some cases, protective equipment may be required. If a person is injured due to poor working conditions, they could have the right to make a claim. Not all work injuries are caused by accidents. Other examples include industrial deafness, which can be caused by loud machinery.

Personal injury claims may be possible in cases of medical negligence. The injury may occur as a result of surgical errors, medication errors, or a lack of treatment.

Not all personal injuries are physical. Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after a traumatic event, such as an accident. This condition can cause flashbacks, muscle tension and difficulty sleeping. Although post-traumatic stress disorder is usually associated with an isolated event, it can also be caused by continual stress, such as working in a stressful environment.

How to find out if you have a valid claim

There are solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims. They usually offer free advice, so you can find out if you are likely to be successful in a claim.

If someone else is at fault for the injury, you may have a valid claim. The claim will need to be made within three years of the incident.

Choosing a solicitor

Any qualified solicitor will be able to deal with your personal injury claim. However, you may prefer to use a solicitor who specialises in personal injury claims.

There are many companies who specialise in claims for personal injuries. Most deal with a wide range of personal injury claims, but some deal with more specific incidents, such as workplace injuries or whiplash injuries.

The internet can be a useful tool for finding a solicitor. There are independent websites that you can use to compare different personal injury solicitors. The search options include the type of injury, the location of the solicitor and the customer rating.

Most personal injury solicitors offer a free consultation, so you can get advice without any obligation to proceed. Personal injury claims are usually carried out on a no win, no fee basis. This means that no payment will be required upfront. Before appointing a solicitor, you should ensure that you are aware of the fees.

Top rated companies

Lamb & Co personal injury solicitors deal with a wide range of claims, including road accidents, workplace accidents and medical negligence. They work on a no win, no fee basis, and are currently offering an advance of up to £1,500.00 on the compensation. Their website includes a simple form that you can complete to request a call back.

The Personal Injury Practice is also a recommended firm. They deal with a wide range of accident types, as well as offering a no win, no fee service.

Bakers Solicitors are also considered to be among the top firms for personal injury compensation claims. They only have offices in certain locations, but they do offer a nationwide service and can arrange a home visit if required.

Hayward Baker are also highly respected in the area of personal injury claims. They have been dealing with claims for more than ten years, and have an excellent payout record.

  Freephone helpline Advance compensation No win, no fee
Lamb & Co Yes Yes Yes
Personal Injury Practice Yes No Yes
Bakers Solicitors No No Yes
Hayward Baker Yes Yes Yes

Why make a personal injury claim?

Many people make a claim to recoup lost earnings and receive financial compensation for the injuries sustained. However, a claim can also be made to protect others. For example, if the injury was sustained due to an unsafe workplace or public space, bringing a claim may force those responsible to repair the problem. If you are unsure whether to make a claim, free advice is available from most personal injury solicitors.