Injury Lawyers

Their Importance and Some of the Best Firms in the United Kingdom

Personal injury lawyers are some of the most frequently employed litigators in the United Kingdom, and for good reason. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals are injured under various circumstances and will seek legal compensation for their pain and suffering. Thus, personal injury attorneys are frequently employed to expedite such instances. Before we examine some of the top litigators in the country, it only makes sense to develop a brief overview into the types of claims that are filed and how each one differs in its scope and importance.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims

By legal definition, a personal injury is a label that is given to cases that involve injuries sustained by one person as a direct result of negligence or intent by another. These injuries can also be classified as psychological, although the majority of cases revolve around the monetary compensation for pain and suffering caused by physical trauma. While this may be apparent, many individuals may be unaware that such lawsuits can be classified in a number of different ways.

Personal Injury by Cause

As the name hints, these cases are defined by the direct cause of the injury as opposed to the type of injury or the extent of damage. Car accidents, medical malpractice and pedestrian injuries can fall into this category.

Personal Injury by Condition

A lawyer may also choose to pursue a case based on the medical condition caused by the negligence or intent of another. Thus, these types of claims can encompass such circumstances as spinal cord injuries, burns, amputations or wrongful death. This approach is often take by lawyers, for it is much easier to categorise individual cases in a court of law.

Strict Liability

This approach is based upon the supposition that one person was responsible for a victim's injury even though negligence may not have been found. Examples of this can be situations where one person was responsible for the safety of a situation but failed to act in an appropriate manner. Most commonly, animal attacks and defective products will fall under this category.

No Win, No Fee Templates

A final concept to understand is a "no win, no fee" approach to litigation. This is also known as a conditional fee agreement (CFA). Simply stated, a solicitor will not be paid for his or her work if a claim is unsuccessful in court. However, it should be appreciated that should a claim result in a monetary award, the solicitor will be paid a much higher fee than average. Therefore, the benefits of this approach depend on the case itself and the extent of one's injuries. So, the four main types of cases are:

  • Personal injury by cause.
  • Personal injury by condition.
  • Strict liability.
  • No win, no fee.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the different types of personal injury cases, let us quickly highlight some of the top rated personal injury law firms in the United Kingdom.

Top Personal Injury Law Firms

  • Adam Law Solicitors

    According to many online reviews, this firm is said to be rated as one of the highest based on customer response. Specialising in accident and personal injury claims, these solicitors are known for their client-centred approach to law; the needs of the client are specifically addressed throughout the entire process. A no win, no fee service is offered and Adam Law has been known for their ability to conclude cases quickly both in and out of the courtroom.

  • Lampkin & Co.

    This firm is particularly devoted to specific areas of injury including occupational illness and abuse in the care of others (such as a nursing home). While approaching a case, Lampkin & Co. will also help their clients find the best treatments possible to expedite any therapy or rehabilitation that may be required. Finally, these litigators boast an expertise in dealing with serious injuries such as those that will cause permanent physical damage.

  • Claims Direct

    This firm also doubles as an agency designed to guide clients through the claims process (a task that can often be quite confusing). They will provide clear and honest advice that can help determine the subsequent legal processes that will need to take place. A claim can be initiated through their online portal, there is a robust section of client testimonials and this firm works on the no win, no fee basis.

These are but three examples of the numerous personal injury lawyers that are available throughout the United Kingdom. Before filing any claim, it is important to remember to have all of the relevant information ready upon request. Such information will include the date and circumstances of the accident, any witness statements and a detailed record of all medical bills. Additionally, remember that these lawyers should be contacted as soon as possible after a personal injury occurs, as there are often statutes of limitations on how long one will be able to file a claim after the accident itself. As with any legal matter, it is always best to consult with a qualified representative to determine the next step forward.