Accident Claims

An accident claim can be made if a person has suffered an injury due to an incident that was not their fault. The injury can either be physical, such as a broken bone, or psychological, such as stress. Claims can include the cost of medical care and compensation for loss of earnings.

Who is entitled to make a claim?

If a person has suffered any kind of injury and someone else is to blame, they may be entitled to make a claim. The guidelines are very broad, but normally the injury would have had a negative impact on the person for four weeks or more.

Types of claims

There are various situations in which a claim can be made.

If a person has suffered an injury at work, they may be able to claim compensation from their employer. The employer may be liable if the injury occurred due to inadequate training or faulty equipment.

Claims can also be made for road accidents. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians who are injured as a result of a road accident can all potentially make claims, if the accident was not their fault.

Another situation in which a person may make a claim is when they have sustained an injury due to a trip or fall. If a road or footpath has not been properly maintained and this causes a person to trip, the local authority responsible for maintenance may be liable. This type of claim is known as a public liability claim. Public liability claims can also cover injuries sustained in shops, restaurants and playgrounds.

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How to make a claim

There are many solicitors who specialise in accident claims. Many of these operate on a no win, no fee basis, so payment will not be required unless the claim is successful. Usually, the fee is deducted from the compensation awarded.

If you decide to make a claim, you will need to contact a solicitor. Most companies offer a free initial consultation, so you can discuss the claim with them before deciding whether or not to go ahead. They should be able to give advice on the strength of your claim, as well as provide an estimate of the amount of compensation that you may be entitled to.

Once you have appointed a solicitor and started the claim process, you may be asked to go for a medical assessment to establish the effect that the injury has had on you.

In many cases, a settlement may be reached out of court.

Finding an accident claim solicitor

There are many accident claim companies to choose from. An online search will provide plenty of options when it comes to claims solicitors. Research can also be carried out online to assess the reputation of the solicitor.

Most accident claim solicitors offer a free, no obligation consultation, so you can discuss the claim with them before deciding whether or not you want them to handle the case. The majority will deduct any fees due from the compensation paid in the event of a successful claim, but you should ensure that you are aware of the terms before beginning the claim process.

Claims companies

You should ensure that you choose a reputable solicitor to handle your claim.

Hayward Baker is considered to be one of the best accident claim firms. Their website has a simple form which can be completed to request a call back. They also have a freephone number that you can call for advice.

Lamb & Co Solicitors is also considered to be one of the top accident claim companies. They offer free advice, as well as a possible £1,500.00 advance on the compensation.

Another recommended firm is Claims Made Simple. Their website offers a form for requesting a call back, as well as an online compensation calculator.

The Whiplash Claims Centre is another specialist in personal injury claims. Although they are experts in whiplash and road accident claims, they also deal with other injury claims.

  No win no fee Advance compensation Freephone number
Hayward Baker Yes Yes Yes
Lamb & Co Solicitors Yes Yes Yes
Claims Made Simple Yes No Yes
Whiplash Claims Centre Yes Yes Yes

The claims process

Once you have chosen a solicitor and provided them with the relevant information, they will do most of the work for you. The length of time that it takes to make a claim can vary, but often they are settled within six to twelve months. If you think that you may have a valid claim, you can contact a solicitor for free advice.