It is a simple fact of life that sooner or later, most of us will need to utilise the services of a litigator.

There are a number of different fields of law and the sheer volume of law firms can prove daunting. Thus, finding the best lawyer for the job can be challenging and very few individuals have the time to compile a comprehensive list themselves. Due to this fact, our website compares the top UK lawyers, their unique features and some of the benefits which they provide. So, let us briefly peruse the most respected litigators in the fields of divorce, immigration, tax and injury law.

  • Divorce Lawyers

    The best divorce firms need to discreetly practice family law, provide transparent advice to their clientele and should boast a well-known reputation that can be backed up by previous testimonials. Three such companies have been consistently rated as the top choices for families seeking a satisfactory divorce sentiment. Three such firms are Vardags, Hughes Fowler Carruthers Ltd. and Withers LLP. A brief comparison as to the services each provides proves wise:

    Services Offered Vardags Hughes, Fowler & Carruthers Ltd. Withers LLP
    Experience with large payouts Yes Yes Yes
    Multilingual Yes No Yes (French)
    Rated as amongst the top 500 law firms in the UK Yes Yes Yes
    International offices No No Yes
    High net worth specialisation No Yes No
    Discreetly involved in family law Yes Yes Yes
    Works with offshore trust disputes No No Yes
  • Immigration Law

    This facet of expertise is extremely important considering that such laws are frequently modified. Thus, the top firms need to boast an expertise in all areas of immigration as well as a cognisance of any recent changes that have occurred. A handful of the top immigration firms include Kingsley Napley LLP, Wilson Solicitors LLP and Stephens Scown LLP. The specialties of each include:

    Services Offered Kingsley Napley LLP Wilson Solicitors LLP Stephens Scown LLP
    Robust experience with student Visas Yes No No
    Multilingual Yes Yes Yes
    Handle asylum requests No Yes No
    Business immigration cases Yes No No
    Family immigration cases No Yes Yes
    Provides aid to high net worth individuals Yes No Yes
    Handles national security litigation No Yes No
  • Tax Lawyers

    Another area of interest for many individuals is the muddled field of domestic tax law. Solicitors need to offer a robust knowledge of this complicated area and a respectable portfolio of previous clients; both individuals and corporations. Three of the top solicitors in this field are Clifford Chance, Linklaters LLP and Slaughter & May. A quick table will highlight the focus of each firm:

    Services Offered Clifford Chance Linklaters LLP Slaughter & May
    A knowledge of Islamic tax law Yes No No
    Multilingual Yes Yes Yes
    Handle multinational clientele No No Yes
    IRA claims disputes Yes Yes No
    Real estate tax No Yes No
    Provides aid to high net worth individuals Yes Yes Yes
    Blue Chip UK clients Yes Yes Yes
  • Injury Lawyers

    A final area worth perusing is injury law. Three of the highest rated injury law firms are Berrymans, Lace & Mawer LLP, Kennedys and Herbert Smith LLP. Let us look at some of the key areas that each firm attends to:

    Services Offered Berrymans Lace & Mawer LLP Herbert Smith LLP
    Specialises in corporate cases No No Yes
    Handle pharmaceutical claims Yes No Yes
    Works with local investigators and police Yes No No
    Mesothelioma claims disputes No Yes No
    Handle permanent injury cases Yes Yes Yes
    Has filed class-action lawsuits Yes Yes Yes
    Attend to cases involving psychological stress No Yes No