Pet Insurance

Types to Consider and the Top Providers in the Country

Protecting our beloved pets is one of the most important things we can ever do to extend their lives and increase their comfort. Pet insurance policies allow for this and in the event of an accident or illness, we can rest assured that their health and well-being is the top priority. However, finding the correct policy can be daunting and the packages themselves can be quite confusing. Simply stated, many owners are unaware of which package suits them the best and what types of coverage are the most important. To be certain, this will depend as much on the pet as it does on the amount of money that one wishes to spend. So, it proves wise to first take a look at some of the features of most policies before we examine the top providers in the United Kingdom.

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Types of Insurance Policies

It is first important to recognise that there are two basic types of coverage: lifetime coverage and non-lifetime plans. As the name denotes, lifetime coverage will provide the most comprehensive packages for the pet and any illnesses that may befall it throughout an entire lifetime. Additionally, veterinarian fees are covered much more with this plan; sometimes as much as £12,000 pounds or more can be offered. This is important, as such fees can be extremely high. Most owners choose to have a "per condition, per year" policy, as this provides a maximum amount of protection each year and this figure will automatically reset at the beginning of the following year. To review, the main benefits of this policy are:

  • The most comprehensive protection.
  • A robust amount will be paid to veterinary fees.
  • The amount of coverage will be renewed every year for the lifetime of the pet.

The second main type of insurance plan is what is known as non-lifetime coverage. While these policies tend to be the cheapest, their coverage is limited in scope. As one may imagine, vet fee payouts are much less. There is also a limited amount that will be paid out per condition. However, this amount does not "roll over" as in the case of lifetime coverage. After the limit is reached, no additional funds will be allotted. This may present a problem for pets with chronic conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. Once again, some of the main points involving non-lifetime plans are:

  • These are the most cost-effective policies.
  • The amount covered for veterinary visits is lower than a lifetime plan.
  • Once a limit is reached for a certain condition, no additional funds will be paid out.

Now, let us take a look at which companies offer the best policies.

The Top Pet Insurance Providers

  • Animal Friends

    One of the top providers in the United Kingdom is a company known as Animal Friends. The main benefit is that levels of protection of up to £40,000 pounds are offered for rates as low as £69 pounds per month. Animal Friends also offers an additional ten percent multi-pet discount. Thus, this provider is considered the best in terms of the level of financial coverage that it gives.

  • Sainsbury's Bank

    Sainsbury's boasts an immediate twenty-five percent discount when purchasing a policy via the internet. Lifetime and non-lifetime policies are offered, as well as up to £7,500 pounds in protection. Most claims are settled within five working days and Sainsbury's boasts award winning levels of customer support.

  • Aviva

    he policies offered by Aviva are specifically designed for cats and dogs. Their "platinum" level of protection offers as much as £6,500 pounds worth of veterinarian fee coverage. Hereditary conditions are included in all plans and a low monthly minimum excess payment fee of £75 pounds allows Aviva to be one of the cheapest providers on the market.

Ways to Compare Different Policy Options

There are indeed hundreds of other insurers throughout the United Kingdom, and using the internet is an excellent way to compare and contrast different insurers. There are a number of useful websites to accomplish this task. Companies such as, Money Supermarket and Compare the Market will all provide objective reviews of pet insurers. is one of the easiest platforms to navigate. Up to fourteen of the top providers will all be reviewed and their quotes can be easily compared in a matter of minutes. All that is required is the basic information of the pet.

Money Supermarket is another comparison website that provides clarity and insight as to which provider may be the best suited for one's needs. Even horse and rabbit insurance quotes are compared with a few clicks of a button.

Compare the Market is another such portal that will compare rates of numerous insurers. Their website is extremely user friendly and Compare the Market has been consistently rated as one of the best websites in terms of customer support.

So, it is clear that there are numerous options available to find the most ideally suited pet insurance policy. By understanding the basic levels of coverage and using the previously mentioned search and review engines, the best protection for the lifetime of your pet can be found.