Home Insurance

The Need for a Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy

A home is an investment and like any investment, it must be protected. Whether referring to fire, flood, theft or other unforeseen circumstances, a robust home insurance policy is essential to have in place. Unlike only a handful of years ago, homeowners now have the ability to find the most relevant policy by using the power of the internet. As opposed to having to choose a local or regional provider, there are literally hundreds of different companies to select from. However, a multitude of choices can make the process rather confusing and it can frequently be difficult to understand which provider will offer the best package. It is for this reason that we should take a brief look at some of the means by which one can use online methods to discover the most reputable companies. Thereafter, we will also briefly examine three of the United Kingdom's top home insurance companies.

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Using the Internet to Choose the Best Policy

The first thing to realise is that there are a handful of extremely beneficial websites that will objectively compare and contrast all of the top providers currently on the market. Sites such as confused.com, GoCompare, MoneySupermarket and Compare the Market will all provide the visitor with detailed analyses of some of the most important metrics that need to be considered.

They will quickly display the maximum amount of coverage for a building and its contents, highlight any promotions or discounts and also state what size homes can be insured. Furthermore, all prices will be made clear and succinct, thus allowing one to quickly understand what each site offers. Finally, these sites are easy to navigate and will provide hyperlinks to the insurers' homepages. So, some of the benefits that third-party comparison sites provide are:

  • A comprehensive list of prices, discounts and other options.
  • The ability to easily contrast different insurers.
  • Pages that are easy to navigate.
  • Direct links to the relevant websites.

These are but a handful of the major benefits that the previously mentioned comparison sites have to offer. The summaries that they provide can help save time, aggravation and perhaps most importantly, visitors will be able to determine which provider will cost the least amount to work with.

While this is an important benefit, it is also wise to list three of the top home insurance companies in the United Kingdom. By briefly examining the amenities that each offers we will begin to understand the major considerations that a homeowner must address when purchasing these protective packages.

The Top Three Home Insurance Providers in the UK

  • Direct Line Home Insurance

    One of the most notable features that Direct Line offers is the fact that there is no coverage limit on building insurance. Contents insurance is thereafter protected up to £50,000 pounds. While this is beneficial, this insurer also provides a discount should one wish to sign up online that totals an impressive forty percent off of the standard price. Individual packages can be modified to include personal possessions, legal protection and home emergencies. At rates as low as £200 pounds a month, this is also one of the comparatively cheap providers.

  • Aviva

    offers building coverage up to one million pounds and an impressive contents insurance of up to £150,000 pounds. Registering online will also provide the customer with a twenty percent discount off of the normal cost while Aviva will provide insurance for properties up of to nine bedrooms (this is significantly higher than other insurers). In addition to these amenities, Aviva will offer an additional forty percent discount if a customer has not filed a claim for five consecutive years. This can add up to significant savings over the life of the policy.

  • John Lewis Insurance

    An interesting offer that John Lewis Insurance advertises is that they will provide a £100 pound rebate if they cannot improve over the price of an existing insurer. Notwithstanding this unique offer, John Lewis provides unlimited coverage for both building and contents insurance. A fifteen percent online discount and an additional twenty-five percent no claims rebate are extra amenities currently offered. This provider will insure a home with an unlimited number of bedrooms and for rates as low as £100 pounds a month, John Lewis is also one of the most cost-effective options to the more expensive policies.

So, it is clear now to see that the best providers all have some basic aspects in common. To summarise this point, the main benefits that each offers are:

  • Ample amounts of building and contents coverage.
  • Online discounts.
  • Competitive rates.

These three insurers are but a handful of examples of some of the most popular choices in today's housing market. Utilising the benefits of online comparison sites can help give a shopper the clarity and insight needed to make the correct choice. Due to the massively increased competition between companies, many rates are at all-time lows. This can enable homeowners to find the perfectly priced package with convenience and speed.