Mobile Broadband

A Quick Look at Mobile Broadband in the United Kingdom

Without modern wireless broadband technology, nearly every one of our modern smartphones would be rendered useless. These cutting-edge devices make use of the massive amounts of data that can be sent and received using broadband technology. In essence, this "broader band" of transmission space allows our phones, tablets and other mobile devices to enjoy unsurpassed download speeds and crystal clear calling quality. Due to this fact, the United Kingdom now has a great many providers which offer some amazing deals that can allow us to take full advantage of this 21st century innovation. So, let us take a quick look at some of the top mobile broadband companies in the United Kingdom and a handful of the unique features that each provides.

O2 Mobile Broadband

One of the most notable advantages of O2 Mobile Broadband is the fact that this company boasts one of the most comprehensive coverage networks in the United Kingdom. In fact, O2 currently offers more than eight thousand WiFi hotspots and more are increasing every month. In addition to this vast coverage capability, O2 also provides its customers with benefits such as:
Real-time expert advice from professionally trained operators.
An online platform to check data usage, minutes and the ability to top-up on credit via their website.
A thirty-day money back guarantee on their services.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin is one of the most trusted names on broadband technology and this company also offers some extremely competitive deals. On an eighteen month contract, Virgin offers rates as low as £10.21 pounds a month and along with this they also supply a free wireless key to be plugged in to a laptop or other mobile device. In addition, Virgin Mobile also provides some of the top-of-the line mobile smartphones that are fully integrated into this system, thus allowing for fast download speeds at their numerous hotspots. Other benefits include:

  • A twenty percent discount for existing Virgin Mobile customers.
  • A free modem with an eighteen month contract.
  • Up to one hundred hours of online browsing.
  • The ability to send up to two thousand emails.

Orange Mobile

One of the most notable benefits that customers observe when switching to Orange is the number of 4G technology phones that are offered. Such names are Blackberry, Allcatel and Samsung are all competitively priced and will make the most use out of the broadband packages provided. Another advantage is that Orange has one of the most flexible pricing options that is truly able to accommodate nearly every budget. Plans start as low as ten pounds a month for an eighteen month contract that will enable users to download up to five hundred megabytes. For more copious internet users, a hefty data usage of five gigabytes is more appropriate. For a price of £25 pounds a month for eighteen months, this plan is perfect for those that will stream or download a considerable amount of data. Other amenities offered by Orange include:
Free WiFi on the London Underground.
A free USB wireless device for premium plans.
Roaming options when travelling abroad.
Excellent levels of customer support.
Compatibility with Windows as well as all iOS upgrades for Mac.


T-Mobile is currently a third leader in mobile broadband technology in the United Kingdom. Mobile WiFi packages start as low as £7.50 pounds per month and up to five gigabytes a month of data usage are offered on their premium plans. In addition, another main feature offered by T-Mobile is that several devices can be connected at once and WiFi SIM cards are also sold for all of their numerous mobile phone products. Some additional advantages include:

  • Up to a five-hour battery life on all mobile dongles.
  • Access to the United Kingdom's largest 3G network.
  • The ability to pay for such plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Live customer support.
  • Rewards for recommending a friend.

How to Choose the Best Provider

These are but a few examples of the best providers of mobile broadband technology in the United Kingdom. It is interesting to notice that they all have in common such variables as flexible payment plans, varying amounts of data usage and increasing access to public WiFi hotspots such as those now available on the London Underground. However, it is important for prospective customers to consider a few variables before choosing any such plans.

The first question needs to centre around one's expected amount of data usage. This is extremely critical for as we have seen, the pricing structures are based directly off of the amount of megabytes or gigabytes consumed each month. The second consideration should revolve around the location. While mobile broadband is increasing in usage, not all areas will have access to this technology. Finally, the phone itself needs to be examined. Slower phones using 3G technology may not be handle the bandwidth that modern mobile broadband can provide. Examining these factors will allow the customer to choose the most viable and relevant service that offers the most appropriate speeds.