Business Phones

Business phones are a system of telephones designed for internal business communication and communication with customers.

The Advantages of Business Phones

  • One of the major benefits of a telephone system is that it gives employees access to the same calling resources. This means that they can easily transfer customers from one line to another, allowing for a more seamless and efficient experience.
  • Business phones also have a number of additional features that are geared towards professional use. Such as call forwarding, personalised greetings and caller ID.
  • Business phone systems can grow alongside the business. This means that as the business expands, it is easy to scale up the phone system in place.
  • A business phone system is considerably cheaper than having a collection of individual landline phones. This makes them a worthwhile investment. In addition, it simplifies your monthly invoices.

VOIP vs. PBX telephone systems

When comparing the various types of telephone systems out there, it is important that you decide whether you want a system that uses VOIP or PBX. Each system has its own set of advantages.

PBX, short for Private Branch Exchange, is the most traditional type of business telephone system. This type of system has a number of outside lines for external calls and a number of private lines inside for internal communication. This type of telephone system is great for businesses medium-size and beyond as it is cheaper than having a number of individual lines. In addition, employees can conveniently speed dial other members of the company. However, there are some drawbacks. To begin with it can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain all the necessary equipment to run this type of telephone system. In addition, the equipment can take up a considerable amount of space which may prove problematic.

VOIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, uses the internet to connect calls. As VOIP doesn’t require all the hardware that PBX requires, it is often a cheaper alternative. This makes it an attractive option for start-ups and small businesses. However, this type of telephone connection is dependent on a strong internet connection. This means that call quality may not be the same every day and if your internet fails, so does your phones system. As a result, it is a good idea to have a landline as well, just in case something untoward happens to your internet connection.

Business Mobile Phones

In addition to a business telephone system, many businesses find it useful to invest in business mobiles. Business mobile phones allow for greater flexibility than standard phones as employees can use them while away from the office. This makes business mobile phones invaluable to companies in which employees travel a lot. Another great thing about business mobile phones is that phones which fall into the ‘smartphone’ category have a whole array of extra features that can be used to the advantage of the business. Such as being able to read and edit documents on the go and push emailing.

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