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Immigration Law: Important Facts and the Top Search Engines to Find a Litigator

The United Kingdom represents untold opportunities for those individuals seeking to better their lives from Europe and indeed from around the world. While this is certainly an attractive offer, there are a number of stipulations that should be considered by anyone considering such a move. As with most countries, the United Kingdom has some basic guidelines which must be satisfied in order to live, work or go to school domestically. While many of these regulations can be quite confusing, it makes sense to highlight some of the main points of this immigration law.

The first concept to understand is what is called the "right to abode". Under UK law, this is defined as the legal right for any citizens of the United Kingdom proper and certain commonwealth citizens such as those from Australia or Canada to be able to legally take up residence in the country.

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Other countries are controlled by different immigration standards. Residents in what is known as the European Economic Area are generally free to enter and leave the United Kingdom to work and live. However, these individuals can also be deported to their country of origin if they are discovered to have committed a crime on English soil.

Those individuals that are not members of the European Economic area may opt to come to the United Kingdom through marriage to a UK national. Nonetheless, the processes can be quite intricate and there are some temporal stipulations that must be adhered to i order for the crown to recognise their status.

Finally, the United Kingdom will also consider those seeking asylum on a case-by-case basis. This can include victims of human trafficking, religious persecution, racial discrimination and other forms of physical dangers. The rules for who will be allowed in are considerably complicated and many have changed in recent years.

Once again, some of the main ways that one can immigrate into the United Kingdom to live and work are:

  • Those from commonwealth countries that have the "right to abode".
  • Members of the European Economic Area.
  • Those who marry a UK national (under certain regulations).
  • Asylum seekers or refugees from different parts of the world.

It is obvious that immigrating to the United Kingdom is by no means an easy or unobtrusive process. On the contrary, this is rarely accomplished without the help of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Although this may have been impossible for many individuals only a few short years ago, the internet now provides a wealth of services that can aid in finding the most relevant immigration lawyer. Many of these lawyers will operate on a no win, no fee service (they will not be financially remunerated unless a case is resolved in a positive manner). So, it is wise to take a look at some of the online portals that can offer the best reviews and links to the most relevant immigration law firms.

Online Aid to Find Immigration Attorneys

  • Lawyer Locator

    This engine is perhaps one of the easiest to use and navigate, thus making it ideal for those who may be unsure as to which type of immigration lawyer they need. Searches can be performed utilising a firm's speciality, the name of practice, the town or the postcode. Otherwise, entering a term such as "immigration" can offer a more generalised number of results. As firms have to pay to be listed on this site, most of the firms displayed are highly reputable.

  • Chambers & Partners

    This is a global immigration law search engine. The benefit here is that it is often necessary to consult with an attorney at one's country of origin during the immigration process. Therefore, this site can be of great value. One of the additional advantages is that this portal employs over thirty full-time researchers; ensuring that all information is up-to-date and the most accurate.

  • Infolaw

    Another site that proves popular is InfoLaw. A free listing of all litigators and firms in the United Kingdom and Ireland is available and a simple search term can list literally hundreds of different solicitors. Links directly to the firms' websites make contacting the most appropriate immigration lawyer quick and easy.

  • Waterlow Legal

    Although this site is offered on a subscription basis, a thirty-day trial period is completely free. Waterlow Legal provides an excellent compendium of international law firms that specialise in immigration law. The list itself is one of the most comprehensive on the internet and will even display the number of languages that are spoken.

These four sites are some of the best resources specifically dedicated to providing unbiased and real-time listings of the most appropriate immigration lawyers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. As with any immigration process, an initial consultation can provide an individual with the insight and clarity needed to help understand his or her specific circumstances and any documentation that may be needed. Thankfully, contacting these firms through the aforementioned search portals can help take much of the stress and confusion out of what can often times prove to be a challenging undertaking.