Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers and Some of the Top Solicitors in the United Kingdom

Working one's way through a divorce can be physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging. In fact, a divorce can represent one of the most stressful times in one's life, particularly if there are children involved. Thus, it is absolutely essential that a responsible and knowledgeable litigator is employed to help ease this painful transition. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are the same in their approach and expertise. It is therefore important to appreciate some of the most important factors to consider when choosing such an attorney.

Top Things to Search for When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer

Family law can be quite a complicated arena. Therefore, the first and foremost consideration is to look for lawyers that are well-versed in this arena. There may be times when a couple seek the advice of a firm specialising in general law, but this is to be avoided. Rather, an attorney with a discreet involvement with family law should be chosen.

Secondly, the lawyer and firm should be able to relate to the needs of both parties and any children that may be involved. Some attorneys can be rather "dry" when it comes to such interpersonal challenges. This attitude can actually make the process more drawn out and leave little room for compromise. A good divorce lawyer should be able to empathise with both parties equally.

Courtroom experience is a must. It is one thing to appreciate the intricacies of law from a theoretical standpoint but quite another to be able to work well under the pressure imposed by a courtroom. Always enquire as to an individual's experience before opting to choose his or her services.

Determine all costs before the litigation process begins. This is an important variable to remember, for most divorce attorneys will charge on an hourly basis. Even if the divorce is amicable, this can still result in hefty fees. Also, avoid dealing with lawyers who ask for a sizable amount of money up-front. Instead, many lawyers will offer a no win, no fee service. In essence, this means that they will not collect any funds unless their client's case has a favourable outcome. While this may seem an amenable approach, recognise that if a case is won, the lawyer will charge a higher fee as opposed to his or her normal hourly rates.

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Always seek recommendations and testimonials from previous clients. This is an excellent way to determine the efficacy of a certain firm. Should they have achieved many considerable outcomes, clients are also likely to praise their personal approaches to each case. This can provide valuable insight as to which firm will prove to afford the highest chances of attaining a desirable result.

To summarise, some of the main variables to examine when choosing a divorce lawyer are:

  • Considerable experience in family law.
  • Personal empathy with both parties and any children.
  • An appreciable amount of courtroom experience.
  • A clear understanding of any costs involved and the rates in regards to a "no win, no fee" approach.
  • Testimonials from previous clients.

Services to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer in the United Kingdom

While a divorce is indeed a difficult undertaking, the one benefit that the internet provides is the ability to compare and contrast a number of law services. There are also a great many online portals that can help a couple find the most relevant divorce lawyer for their needs. Let us briefly look at a few of the most popular websites that can help find such an attorney or firm.

Contact Law

This website is one of the largest legal referral services in the United Kingdom. One of the best features of Contact Law is their streamlined services that they provide for visitors. They offer either a toll-free number or a web form that can be filled in and sent through to a specialist that can help find the best lawyer for one's needs. In addition, this site will also provide advice on mediation and collaborative family services.

Divorce Aid

Although this may be a lesser-known site, the amenities offered are certainly worth a look. Divorce Aid is a personal service devoted to presenting all accredited divorce lawyers. All firms are categorised by county, thus making the selection process straightforward. While these services are quite useful, this site will additionally offer free advice on the legal processes involved, how children may be affected, the stipulations of the no win, no fee framework and the best ways to choose a solicitor.

The Law Society

This public resource is excellent in providing information on all aspects of divorce law as well as helping couples find the most appropriate attorney. A live help phone number is available as is a dedicated "find a solicitor" page that will have an updated list of all accredited divorce lawyers in a specific area of the country. The process is quick and easy while the advice offered is extremely valuable.

Filing for a divorce and choosing the most appropriate solicitor is never easy. However, by appreciating the qualities to seek in a firm and with the help of these online search portals, the process can be resolved quickly and with relatively little financial turmoil.