Criminal Defence Lawyers

A lawyer wishing to specialise in criminal law will need to undertake extensive training.

A criminal lawyer will not only need to have studied law, they will also need to have good oral and written communication skills. Duties of a criminal defence lawyer include research, interviewing witnesses, filing motions and advocating for the client.

Finding a criminal defence lawyer

When choosing a lawyer, it is advisable to choose one that is experienced, as well as qualified. A lawyer who has dealt with many cases will have the necessary experience to handle the case.

Before appointing a lawyer, you should ensure that they have a valid licence. There are online resources that you can use to check a lawyers credentials.

Some law firms deal with various different areas of law, whereas some have a specialist area. You may prefer to choose a firm that only deals in criminal law, to ensure that they have the relevant expertise and experience. However, many large law firms, who deal with all areas of the law, will have a specialist team in place to deal with criminal law. Whether you are choosing a large or small company, you should ensure that you check their level of experience.

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One way of simplifying the selection process is to use an independent site to search for law firms. Many of these sites research the firms before including them on their website. If you use a site that checks the credentials of the lawyers, you can be confident that they are properly licenced and qualified. Some sites only list solicitors that have been VHCC accredited by the Legal Services Commission, which means that they are deemed to have the necessary skills for handling criminal cases.

There are also sites that you can use to be put in touch with a lawyer. This usually involves speaking to an advisor or completing an online form, before a specialist lawyer is selected to call you back.

Considerations to be made when selecting a lawyer include:

  • How long they have been practising criminal law
  • The fees charged
  • Accreditation

UK criminal law firms

There will probably be a few different local solicitors to choose from. Before making a decision, you should try and find out what previous clients have to say about the service received. You may be able to find reviews online.

You should also ensure that they are experienced in the relevant area of law.

Irwin Mitchell have offices at various locations throughout the UK. They are recognised in independent guides, such as the Legal 500, as one of the leading firms in criminal law.

Mackesys Solicitors have been practising criminal law for more than thirty years. They offer a freephone telephone number and thirty minutes of free advice.

Tosswill & Co Solicitors are also experienced in criminal law, handling hundreds of cases each year.

Bankside Law have a team of experienced defence specialists. They have received high ratings from clients, as well as being recognised in the Legal 500.

  Legal 500 Freephone telephone number Online contact form
Irwin Mitchell Yes No Yes
Mackesys Solicitors No Yes Yes
Tosswill & Co Solicitors No Yes Yes
Bankside Law Yes No No

These are just a few examples of the criminal defence lawyers in the UK. There are numerous firms throughout the country who deal in criminal law.

As there are so many firms to choose from, it will be useful to use the internet to carry out research. There are legal sites that provide further information on the firms, including any recognition and accreditation, as well as independent sites showing client reviews.

It is a good idea to speak to several firms before making a decision. This will be an opportunity to find out more about the fees charged and how the case will be handled. If you ask a lot of questions, this should give you an idea of the level of staff knowledge. You will want to ensure that the firm dealing with your case will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Choosing a solicitor is an important decision, so it is important to carry out some research before appointing a law firm.