Ski Insurance

As a skiing holiday carry’s more risk than a standard holiday, it is extremely important that you take out a ski insurance to protect you should anything unfortunate happen.


Whether you are a beginner or well-seasoned skier, the nature of skiing puts you at physical risk and also as you will be using or hiring expensive equipment there are considerable financial risks involved too. Therefore, while ski insurance is not a legal requirement, it is essential when heading off to the slopes.

Although your Ehic card, European Health Insurance Card, will cover most medical costs, it is not comprehensive enough to fully cover you should you have an accident while skiing. You will have to pay for transport to rescue you from the mountain, which in Europe costs around £750 on average. In addition, you may also have to pay for some of your medical treatment, further pushing up the cost of your accident.

Ski insurance not only protects you and your equipment against damage, but it can also protect you against a number of other circumstances, such as loss of ski passes and passports, avalanches and piste closure.


When it comes to ski insurance, there are two main types of policy: single trip and annual multi trip.

Single trip covers you for a single trip and an annual multi trip policy will cover all your skiing trips throughout the year.

In addition, you will notice that some providers offer bespoke policies, such as winter sports combined with backpacking insurance.


As ski insurance is so important, there are a range of companies that offer this type of insurance. While this is great as it gives you plenty of choice, too much choice can be a little daunting as it is harder to work out if you are getting the best deal. Price comparison websites are a great way to start looking for ski insurance as they can compare the policies offered by numerous providers. This not only saves you the legwork, but it also makes it easier for you to compare policies. Once you have found the cover you want, most of the time ski insurance can be purchased online or over the phone. Remember to ask if there is any online discount available as a number of providers give online customers discounts of up to 20%.


  • Essential Travel offers three types of ski insurance policy: single trip, annual multi trip and backpacker.

  • Virgin Money offer both single trip ski insurance and their annual travel insurance policy includes free winter sports cover.

  • Columbus offers a ski insurance policy that covers a variety of scenarios such as piste closure and lift closures.


Although ski holidays are expensive, bypassing ski insurance is something of a false economy. On the grand scheme of a skiing holiday, insurance is relatively cheap. In addition, a good ski insurance policy will not only save you money should something disastrous happen, but it can make the process significantly less stressful.

If you are a regular skier, why not look into getting annual skiing insurance? Not only is it more conveniently should you go an impromptu trip, but it often works out more economical than taking out several polices on separate occasions.

Make sure you have enough cover. Although it is always tempting to go for the lowest policy, if you have expensive kit you may have to upgrade your policy.

As with any type of insurance, remember to read the fine print. This will avoid any nasty surprises should anything disastrous happen. For example, some policies will only cover you if you wear a ski helmet while skiing. In addition, a number of insurers will not insure you should chose to ski off-piste or will only cover you if you ski with a qualified guide.


Insurance Provider Maximum length of trip (Days) Online discount Medical expenses covered
Columbus 365 10% £15,000,000
Virgin 548 0% Unlimited
LV= 366 15% £10,000,000
Aviva 365 20% £10,000,000
Insure and Go 548 0% Unlimited