Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a type of insurance that can ease the cost of dental treatment.

The Benefits of Dental Insurance

Although the NHS provides free dental care to some individuals and cheap dental care for all, finding an NHS dentist accepting new patients can be a particularly difficult task. This has led to many people turning towards private dentists which charge higher rates than regular NHS dentists.

One of the great things about dental insurance is that you pay a set monthly fee as opposed to paying a bill after treatment. This spreads the cost of treatment, making both private and NHS dental care more affordable.

Types of Dental Plan

When it comes to dental insurance there are a range of options available. To begin with, you must decide the level of care which best suits your needs: maintenance or capitation. You should also think about whether you want NHS-only dental insurance or private dental cover.

  • Maintenance Plan: this is the cheapest type of dental plan available and covers all the essential expenses: preventive care (such as checkup and hygienist appointments) and emergency dental care. Emergency dental care covers a whole range of emergency procedures such as the removal of abscesses and treating an infected tooth.
  • Capitation Plan: this type of plan is the most comprehensive and usually provides unlimited cover. This means that the plan will cover everything from examinations through to root canal surgery and extractions.
  • Individual or Family Cover: in addition to individual dental plans, you can also purchase group or family dental plans which cover two or more individuals in the same plan. This often works out cheaper than insuring your each member of the family separately.
  • NHS or Private Cover: it is also worth mentioning that both NHS and Private dental insurance plans exist. NHS dental insurance is the more economical of the two options.

Top Dental Care Providers in the UK

  • Dencover: Dencover is popular provider of dental insurance. They offer both NHS and private dental plan options and offer extended family insurance packages that can cover the cost of up to four adults in a single dental plan.
  • Bupa: Bupa offers two dental insurance plans, Dental cover 20 for private patients and Dental Cover 10 which is designed to meet the needs of NHS patients. Unlike some other insurance providers, routine treatments like polishing can be claimed straight away.
  • WPA: WPA is another popular choice when it comes to dental insurance and WPA has packages for both individuals and families. In addition, with a WPA dental insurance package, you have the freedom to choose your dentist.

Compare UK Dental Insurance Plans

Broker Family Dental Plans Qualifying Period for All Treatment Minimum Premium (monthly)
Dencover Yes Up to 3 Months £4.99
Bupa Yes Up to 6 Months Set by Insurer
WPA Yes 1 Month £10
AXA Yes Up to 3 Months £9.95

Things to Remember

  • When comparing the different types of dental plans available, make sure you know what treatments/situations are covered by the policy. This will save you from any unpleasant surprises later on.
  • Be wary of long qualifying periods, especially if you know that you need treatment soon. Not all dental plans cover the full cost of dental treatments. Therefore, it is important to know what the limit is.
  • Make sure you are clear as to how the insurance policy works. Some insurance brokers directly pay your dentist where as others require you to pay the dentist and the insurance broker will later reimburse you.