Car Insurance

A Look at the Different Types of Car Insurance and the Top UK Providers

We are all aware of the importance of car insurance when taking to the highways. In this day and age, such coverage is all but essential to legally operate a motor vehicle. Thankfully, there are an impressive amount of providers throughout the United Kingdom that offer this critical service. Before we take a look at some of the top choices, it is important to understand a bit more regarding the main types of policies that are offered and how they differ.

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Basic Liability Versus Comprehensive Coverage

One of the most common misconceptions is that a minimum amount of insurance protection is all that a driver needs. While it is indeed true that MOT standards define basic liability as necessary to legally drive, this policy is often times not sufficient to protect a driver in the event of an accident. The limits on how much the provider will pay out are also comparatively low, thus potentially leaving the operator responsible for extensive legal or medical fees.

On the contrary, the more comprehensive packages will frequently have higher coverage rates and more robust protection plans. Fire, glass and theft will be covered as will an accident involving another uninsured driver. These policies tend to be much more flexible and modular than mere liability alone. Therefore, it is always the best option to choose a more comprehensive insurance package. Now that we have clarified the difference between basic and comprehensive liability, let us take a look at some of the top car insurance providers.

  • Aviva

    This online provider is one of the United Kingdom's more recognised and trusted insurers. One of the main benefits when dealing with Aviva is that finding a quote is simple and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes via their interactive website. Aviva also boasts some of the most competitive rates; the cheapest starting at only £198 pounds. Purchasing directly online through Aviva can also offer customers an additional twenty percent discount.


    While Aviva may offer competitive rates, there are also times when online comparisons are the best way to encounter an agreeable plan. The website helps simplify this process. By contrasting no less than one hundred and thirty-eight different providers, consumers can quickly see which policy is the most appropriate. Also, can help one find the best rates for car, motorbike, caravan and even motor home insurance.

  • GoCompare

    As the name denotes, this is another highly useful insurance comparison site. GoCompare claims that up to ninety-eight percent of owners can save money by utilising this service. One hundred and twenty brands can be examined; each on its own merit. A streamlined email service will also provide customers with regular pricing updates and other special offers.

  • MoneySuperMarket

    This website is the United Kingdom's leading car insurance comparison site. All that one is required to do is to enter a valid vehicle registration number. Thereafter, a quote is prepared and displayed in real time from the top competitors. This simple process is ideal for those that make not have the time or the desire to sign up using a lengthy registration process. Furthermore, MoneySuperMarket offers useful driving tips, hints on how to save fuel and regularly updated blog posts concerning all motoring subjects.

Compare the Market

A final site that merits mentioning is This site us quite easy to use, navigation is simple and even if one does not know his or her registration number, a real-time quote can still be provided in a matter of seconds. Considering that this site has been in existence for eight years, it will offer reviews of all top providers, the amenities that each will include and Compare the Market is considered to have one of the most reputable customer service ratings. Thus, any and all questions are answered with brevity and clarity.

So, it becomes clear that comparing and contrasting different providers is the method of choice to obtain the best car insurance quote. In fact, many of the previously mentioned sites all have a few factors that they share. Some of the main benefits that these sites offer are:

  • Easy navigation.
  • A comprehensive list of providers.
  • A service that requires no obligation.
  • Excellent levels of customer support.

These are all extremely important advantages in an age when it seems as if the number of insurance providers is growing on a daily basis. Although the best quote can be found with ease, it is lastly important for a driver to consider which policy may prove to be the most beneficial.

While we have already seen the reasons to purchase a more comprehensive plan, additional protection may be required depending on individual situations. For example, it may be discovered that insuring multiple vehicles under the same policy will save a great deal of money. A high crime area may dictate that theft protection is included in a policy. Summarily, the aforementioned websites can help to answer these and other questions that a car owner may have. Indeed, finding the cheapest and highest quality car insurance has never been quicker.