Breakdown Cover

Although car insurance policies revolve heavily around unexpected accidents that may occur when driving, these incidences are actually far less common than a vehicle encountering a mechanical problem. This being said, breakdown coverage should be an integral part of any vehicle's insurance policy.

Most of the top providers offer this protection, and key of this emergency service will involve twenty-four hour roadside assistance. However, most comprehensive breakdown coverage platforms offer a number of other useful additions that are automatically included in the pricing structure. The most robust packages will provide the owner with such benefits as:

  • Automatic roadside assistance.
  • Emergency help in the event of an accident.
  • Local recovery.
  • National recovery (for nationwide plans).
  • Home-based recovery and/or assistance.
  • Onward travel options (providing transport to a destination).
  • Half-priced MOT inspections.

So, it becomes clear to appreciate the numerous benefits that a comprehensive breakdown coverage package will provide. While the importance of such security cannot be denied, it is important to remember that not all insurers offer the same level of protection. As a result, when comparing the different breakdown cover providers and policies it is important that you look at what the policy does and does not cover as well as the price.

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How to Compare and Contrast Other Insurers


    This website claims that up to sixty percent of car owners have saved money by using their services to compare different policies. Quotes from up to one hundred and thirty-eight providers are offered and when referring to comparing breakdown coverage, all that one needs to do is to enter the age of a vehicle to be given a real-time quote from multiple sources.

  • GoCompare is another equally popular portal to contrast different policies. They will compare policies for cars, motorbike and vans. A drop-down menu makes comparing individual prices easy; the best options can be found in a matter of seconds. Direct links to the relevant company websites will also take the guesswork out of muddling through such options on a normal search engine.

  • Compare the Market

    A third extremely useful search portal is offered at The website is exceedingly easy to navigate and live customer support is offered for any questions. While the amount of details that must be entered to encounter a viable quote are considerably more than the other sites, Compare the Market utilises this data to provide the most relevant breakdown of insurance quotes. This is perhaps the reason that Compare the Market is one of the most popular review sites in the United Kingdom.

top UK Breakdown Cover Providers

The table below offers a simple comparison of some of the best providers of breakdown cover in the UK by outlining the services that they provide, policy types and typical policy starting prices.

Provider Starting Price Policy Basis Roadside Recovery Home Service European Travel
£12.49 Person or vehicle
£12.49 Person or vehicle
£27.00 Person or vehicle
£27.99 Person or vehicle
£16.45 Person or vehicle
£29.00 Person or vehicle
£17.45 Person or vehicle