Employment Solicitors

Employment solicitors are a type of lawyer which specialise in cases relating to employment law. They deal with a range of issues that may arise in the working environment such as unfair dismissal, discrimination and unlawful wage deduction.

The Role of Employment Solicitors

To begin with, employment solicitors will make you aware of your rights and whether or not you have a valid case to take your employer to court. All good employment solicitors will try to resolve the case directly with the employer as this can be quicker and cheaper than arranging a hearing at an employment tribunal court. If the employer does not respond accordingly to a written complaint, an employment solicitor can help you take the case to an employment tribunal.

Typical Cases

Employment solicitors will take on a variety of cases relating to the workplace. Most people use an employment solicitor to deal with a dismissal complaint or discrimination in the workplace. The two most popular types of dismissal complaint are unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal. Unfair dismissal can encompass a range of scenarios, such as forced retirement or simply being dismissed without a valid enough reason. Constructive dismissal is when an employee is forced to leave their job as the result of their employer’s actions, such as the employer making unfair changes to their job.

Workplace discrimination can happen at any stage of the employment process and involves an individual being treated unfairly due to their sex, age, religion, disability or race. Instances include job descriptions that express a preferred gender or two equally-skilled employees receiving different pay.

How to Choose the Best Employment Solicitor

  • While some lawyers may profess to be a Jack-of-all-trades, it is important that you select a lawyer that works specifically in employment law. This is because this type of lawyer will have a thorough understanding of the legal issues surrounding your claim and are therefore more capable of finding the best solution.
  • If you are someone that likes to deal with lawyers face-to-face as opposed to predominantly using other means such as email and telephone, it may be important for you to look for a solicitor who is situated close to your home or place of work so you can visit them easily.
  • If you are uncertain which lawyer to work with, have initial meetings with several potential lawyers. Initial meetings are usually free and they can help make you aware of how the employment solicitor can help you make a claim and give you a unique opportunity to assess the personality of the lawyer. You may be working with an employment lawyer for some time, so it is important that you choose one who you can get along with.

The Benefits of No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors

Taking legal action against your employer is not only a stressful situation, but it can also be an expensive one too. As a result, it is important that you investigate the costs involved before committing to a lawyer. While some lawyers will charge an hourly rate or a fixed fee, no win no fee lawyers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

As the name suggests, no win no fee contracts mean that the individual will only have to pay for the lawyer’s fee, usually in the form of a percentage of the compensation won, if the lawyer wins the case. As well as being better value for money, this sort of deal also makes accessing legal help more affordable to those who cannot pay for upfront costs.

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