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Perfect Decoration for Your Garden.

Our solar fountain pump will bring much fun and vitality for your garden, bird bath, swimming pool, fish tank, aquarium and so on.

Product Specification:
1.Solar panel: 7V/1.4W, Diameter: 6.3"
2.Maximum flow: 40 gallons/hour
3.Maximum spray height: 19", Regular: 12-16"
4.Minimum water depth in fountain is 1 3/4"

Spray height depends on nozzle head and sunlight intensity.
If solar fountain pump doesn't work well, please move it into direct sunlight for seconds.
It is not a product quality problem in which the solar fountain doesn't work continuously at cloudy / gloomy day. Please wait and try it again at fine and sunny day.

Failure & Solution:
The solar fountain pump will not work well in the following cases :
1.In shadow.
Solution: Please move it into direct sunlight.
2.Water level is under minimum requirement.
Solution: Please add water to minimum depth at least.
3.Solar panel is blocked or dirty.
Solution: Please clean solar panel with soft dishrag or tissue paper.
4.Water inlet/outlet is blocked or dirty.
Solution: Please clear inlet/outlet port or change nozzle.

Customer Service: Should you have any problem in using our product, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We promise to reply you and solve the problem within 24 hours.

Warranty: We offer 1 year unlimited warranty for our products. You can return the product for free for the first 30 days without any questioning. Any of your email/message will be replied within 24 hours.

Manufacturer: ZealBea Focus

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Product Information

[Work Automatically] No battery or electricity input is required. It will work automatically within 3 seconds after sufficient sunshine exposure, which is attractive decoration for bird bath, fish tank, pond and pool. Please note ZealWay is the only authorised seller on this product page.
[Easy to Use] It is very easy to install the solar fountain and then leave it along in water. It starts to spray water after floating in water and exposing in sufficient sunlight for seconds and stops to work after sunset. The spray water height depends on sunlight intensity.
[Safety & Maintenance Free] 100% powered by solar energy, it will never lead to electric leakage under no circumstances and completely secure for bird, fish or children. Meanwhile our solar fountain pump is well designed and does not require regular maintenance.
[4 Nozzles] There are 4 nozzles in solar fountain pump package, which allows you to choose fountain watering pattern as per preference. The water can rise up to 30-50 cm approximately.
[Spare Part] We offer additional 4 pieces of nozzles as spare parts. You can uninstall and replace nozzle any time when it is blocked by dirt or dust.