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TCS Concentrated Denture Cleaner safely, quickly and effectively maintains the cleanliness of all dentures and dental appliances. One box of TCS Cleaner is designed to last up to six months making it an economical solution to conventional denture cleaners. It is a non-abrasive cleaner specifically designed for the hygienic cleaning and maintenance of TCS appliances and all others. TCS Cleaner is supplied in boxes of 24 sachets, each sachet will make one week's supply of solution. One sachet is mixed with a cup of warm water - this solution will last for 7 days before needing to be replaced. A daily 15 minute soaking has proven to be effective in maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of dental appliances. Overnight soaking in TCS Cleaner solution will not harm your appliance.

Manufacturer: TCS

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TCS Concentrated Cleaner ~ 6 Months Supply for Flexible Dentures, Retainers and Dental Appliances
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NEW Packaging, Same Product ~ Weekly dose sachets
Each box of TCS Cleaner contains 24 weekly dose sachets - 6 months supply
Specially formulated and approved for use with Flexible Partials, Acrylic Dentures, Partial Dentures, Night Guards and Retainers ~ full instructions included
Daily 30 minute soak to keep your appliance clean or safe for overnight soaking
Part of our range of cleaning products for flexible dentures & dental appliances