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Novafon Sound Wave Appliance SK2 | Hand held healing massager made for professionals | Drug-free pain relief treatment | German-engineered device


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Novafon Sound Wave Appliance SK2 | Hand held healing massager made for professionals | Drug-free...
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✅ PROFESSIONAL HEALING WAVE MASSAGER: Novafon Pro SK2 uses local vibration therapy, a safe, evidence-based technique that uses oscillations, to stimulate the muscles of the body and provide relief from pain. Not only is it an affordable and safe form of therapy, but it also recommended by health experts as one of the best forms of treatment for certain disorders.
✅ DEEPLY PENETRATING THERAPY FOR PAIN RELIEF: Vibrations disrupt neural pathways that signal pain, alleviating symptoms of nerve, joint or muscle pain. Localised vibration therapy is as effective as painkillers without any adverse effects. Thus, it helps with conditions such as paralysis, arthritis, upper and lower motor neuron diseases, fibromyalgia and even headaches. Vibration therapy is useful in reducing both acute and chronic pain.
✅ IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION: Vibration therapy also improves blood circulation. It increases muscular contractions, which in turn, enhance the flow of blood in the body. This is beneficial for patients with vascular disorders and spinal cord injuries. Due to improved circulation, waste products are also removed more efficiently from the body. Treat the root cause of your issues with Novafon Pro SK2 using local vibration therapy!
✅ DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF: The Novafon Pro SK2 massager can be used directly on skin or even through clothes. Its streamlined head delivers precise, localized vibrations deep into the muscle layer to provide effective, long-lasting pain relief. There are no side effects associated with Novafon Pro SK2 massagers. They are reliable, portable and pain-free.
✅ GERMAN-ENGINEERED MADE FOR PROFESSIONALS: The Novafon Pro SK2 is best for professional therapists looking to provide deep tissue massage to patients with contracted and/or painful muscles or sensory processing disorders. If you’re a patient suffering from chronic conditions, you can get one for yourself too. The Novafon Pro SK2 comes with two frequency levels, 50 Hz and 100 Hz, and can send vibrations deep into the tissue. The folding extension handle is designed for maximum ease of use.