Kiddies Chocolate Selection Box ...

Contains 2 x Freddo 2 x Curly Wurly 2 x Timeout Wafer 2 x Dairy Milk 2 x Cadbury Buttons 2 x Chomp 2 x Flake and 2 x Fudge-----------------------Chocolate bars are SNACKSIZE BARS--------------------PLEASE NOTE - THE FLAKE AND DAIRY MILK ARE SNACKSIZE BARS-----------------Contains items marked MULTIPACK

Manufacturer: Ellies Jellies

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Kiddies Chocolate Selection Box Gift Hamper by Ellies Jellies®
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Product Information

Contains 16 Peices of Chocolate
Comes in Ellies Jellies Branded Box
Chocolate bars are SNACKSIZE BARS
Contains Favourite Chocolate Snacks
Contains items marked MULTIPACK