HFS (R) Bench Mounting Multipurp...

HFS (R) Bench Mounting Multipurpose Sharpener - 65W


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HFS (R) Bench Mounting Multipurpose Sharpener - 65W
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[Specification model] 65W portable electric multifunctional sharpener, idling speed 6700rpm
[Applicable] The maximum diameter of the grinding wheel is Ø48mm, the diameter of the drill is 3mm-13mm, the diameter of the drill sharpener: 3mm-10mm, the maximum of chisel and planer sharpener is 50mm.
[Multi-functional and convenient] It can grind drills, knives, scissors, chisels, etc., 1.6kg, small size and light weight. It is a perfect portable multi-function sharpener. No toolbox, workshop or garage should be used. lack.
[High security] It has a compact design and is easy to store. A transparent protective cover is installed on the machine to ensure user safety. The tool has a sharpening groove for knives and scissors. Not only that, the machine is also equipped with a chisel guide, with a magnet and a V-shaped guide, for precise grinding of the drill.