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History made larger than life! From the creators of Age of Empires and the Age of Kings come Age of Mythology! Enter the Age of powerful gods and heroic mortals, mythic beasts and immortal powers, a time when history and myth are one!

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Manufacturer: Ubisoft

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Age of Mythology Gold Edition Game PC
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9 Legendary Civilizations - Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies each has distinct civilizations and gods.
Strategic Depth - Use heroes, mythological units, and god powers to add new strategic dimensions to your mortal forces.
Epic Campaign - Single player experience with over 30 compelling scenarios, a rich story, and beautiful cinematics.
3D Engine - A rich 3D world filled with realistic terrain, water, and intense special effects.
Fair Paly - Online gaming has a new proprietary matchmaking system, keeping games balanced and compelling for all skill levels.