15pcs Foam Microphone Windscreen...

1. Using high quality sponge with high density, the elastic contraction is excellent
2. The microreceiving technique used in cutting is made to make the finished surface completely invisible
3. Uniform dyeing and beautiful appearance
4. Can protect your microphone from wind interference and other noises

Size: 1.18 x 0.87 inches (W * H)
Caliber: 0.38 inches
Color: black Headset Microphone Windscreen
Material: foam Foam Mic Windscreen

Package include:
15 PCS headset microphone foam

The headphone cotton is packed in compression when it is delivered. It looks ugly when it is not scattered, but it is very round after dispersing.

Manufacturer: Wowot

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15pcs Foam Microphone Windscreen, Wowot Headset Microphone Sponge Foam Cover Shield Protection,...
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Product Information

Size: 30Ã-22cm(1.18 x 0.87 inches); Caliber: 0.38 inches
Material: Made of high quality durable foam material
Function: Improves the recording quality by reducing unwanted noises and wind interference
Feature: The foam cover can keep your microphone from dust and spit
Application: Fits small lapel and headset microphones.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues